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Tips on How to Hire a Trustworthy House Cleaner

cleaning stuffCleaning one’s house can be a dirty business. If you are the same as the average household, keeping on top of family responsibilities, work, and other duties does mean cleaning your home correctly can be somewhat of a challenge, and one you would sooner avoid if possible. Numerous cleaning services have sprung up worldwide, ready and willing to perform the cleaning work for you. However, due to this fact, knowing how to hire one to clean your house does sometimes feel like an impossible task, however, using a few simple rules, and having a firm understanding of what you need to expect, you will be able to choose the best cleaner.

Firstly, decide what parts of your home need cleaning, before choosing a service. For instance, will there be any rooms which are off limits, or certain areas which are more important for the cleaning service to focus upon? Are you looking for them to clean the windows, and do the laundry also, or just basic cleaning, like dusting and mopping the floors? Once you understand what you are looking for, you will then be able to create a list of requirements in order to narrow down possible candidates because some companies will not provide a complete range of services.

Speak to family members, friends, or colleagues for their recommendations. Most  clients are only to happy to share their positive experiences with you and could even be eligible for a bonus from the company if you decide to use their service.

Get rid of any companies that are not insured or bonded. This is because if any accidents occur during cleaning or theft, a bonded and insured cleaning service takes full  responsibility. If you hire a cleaner that does not carry these, the responsibility will solely be on you.

Contact all potential candidates to see if their cleaners are legal and what kind of background checks are performed. Ensure the cleaners are responsible, and do not have a criminal record. If they aren’t, move onto the next potential candidate.

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When to Hire a Local Cleaning Service

a woman clean houseAfter a long, stressful week full of work has passed, you are now able to sit down and relax. But then, you see the mess around you, so you get up and start cleaning. Or maybe, you just remembered that you need to go back to the office with some colleagues and clean it, so it will be nice and organized for the next week. And that is not the most relaxing or pleasant way to spend your weekend. So, if you need a break from all the cleaning in your home or workplace or even both, it’s time to think about a better alternative.

Deciding to book a local cleaning service for your home is never easy. It’s hard for many people to allow strangers to touch their stuff. But, if you leave this job to a professional, you will be able to enjoy your weekend with your family and friends, and not play Cinderella in your bathroom. An expert will know how to clean any surface faster than you and in the most efficient way. You can have them clean the toilet, the kitchen, the floors or any other specific thing, and you can be sure that it will be done. You just need to decide how many cleaners you want, for how many hours, and choose the time of the week or the month you want them to come in.

When it comes to your office things are quite similar. No one likes to stay extra time at the office to mop the floors, scrub the toilet, and dust the furniture. So, if you want you and your employees to focus on your work tasks and not worry about the afterwork cleaning, you should consider hiring a cleaning contractor. You can book a service providing you with cleaners every Friday, for example, that will do all the cleaning around the office. Since they are experts in their field, they would be able to do the job fast and how it’s supposed to be done. That way, all the people working and visiting the office will enjoy a nice and clean environment, which will also boost their productivity.

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How to Determine If Your Contractor Offers a Green Carpet Cleaning Service

cleaning stuffCarpet cleaning companies are a dime a dozen. They all promise to provide quality services, but until you see the results, you should not trust their word. For instance, most cleaners these days say they offer green cleaning services, but unfortunately, most of them don’t even understand the concept of a truly eco-friendly carpet cleaning service. In this article, you will learn how to distinguish a professional contractor from amateurs.


The first thing you should look for when searching for a cleaning company is certification. Although getting certification is not a very complicated process, it still proves that the respective contractor has gone through the trouble of actually certifying himself. So, next time you interview a carpet cleaner, ask if they are certified. Look for IICRC certification in particular.

Eco-friendly products

There are two main things that make a cleaning service environmental-friendly, and they are the use of green products and the application of eco-friendly cleaning techniques. So, in order to determine if a cleaner really provides what he says, make sure that you check the product they use. Green cleaning products should have a seal of approval from an institution that certifies cleaning materials. Just because it says “green” on the package does not mean that the product is indeed Eco-friendly.

Steam extraction methods

One of the safest and most efficient way to clean a carpet is steam cleaning. This particular technique makes use of a special tool, named generically a steam cleaner, which injects hot  air into the carpet and then extracts the contaminants through vacuuming. So, another thing to look for when searching for a carpet cleaning service provider is whether they offer steam cleaning or not.

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How Professional Carpet & Tile Cleaning Contractors Achieve Outstanding Results

a women cleanWe all know that regular vacuuming and mopping are the best ways to keep our floors clean and fresh. But the truth is that these methods can only do so much. Vacuuming, for instance, is great for extracting dust and debris from carpets, but it won’t remove dirt that has accumulated deep into the carpet fibers. Mopping is pretty much the same. Although your tiles may look clean after you mop them, you should know that most of the dirt just went into your grout lines. Dust and dirt, in combination with water, can adhere to grout in a way that no typical grout cleaning product can remove. So, how does a professional carpet & tile cleaning contractor avoid these problems?

Industrial equipment

One of the biggest differences between a true floor cleaner and an amateur is the tools they use. Cleaning technology is very advanced these days. There are all sorts of machines out there that are designed to clean and sanitize your floors to perfection. Obviously, most of these machines are intended for commercial purposes, which means that they are expensive and very hard to find. A good cleaner, however, must possess the latest cleaning tools in the business in order to provide the most reliable and professional services.

Proven techniques

Floor cleaning may seem a trivial task for a normal individual, but we assure you it is not. In order to achieve the best results, one must apply advanced carpet & tile cleaning techniques that have been developed over many years of training and experience. In most cases, these methods are a secret of the trade, but rest assured that most professional cleaners know them.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how a true carpet & tile cleaning service provider achieves those outstanding results that immediately generate a wow reaction from their clients, then you’ll have to hire one and see for yourself. However, one thing is certain – there is no way for a typical homeowner to achieve the same level of performance as a professional cleaner.

Smart Clean is a professional floor cleaning company that provides some of the best services in Clarksville, TN. If you’re interested in what we do and how we do it, then feel free to contact us at (901) 419-4235.

Find out a Few Upholstery Cleaning Tips and Tricks from One of the Best Upholstery Cleaning Service Providers in Clarksville, TN

cleaning stuffOur upholstered furniture adds comfort and beauty to our homes. Although most upholstered pieces are designed to withstand even the greatest wear and tear, regular cleaning is still a musty. By cleaning your upholstery frequently, you prolong its lifespan, preserve its beauty, and improve its durability. Obviously, the best way to achieve all these benefits is to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service provider for the task. However, there are a few things you can do on your own.

If you decide to clean your upholstered furniture yourself, then the first thing you have to do is identify the type of material your upholstery is made of. Synthetic fabric is the easiest to clean because it doesn’t require any special treatment. Cotton fabric, on the other hand, should be handled with care. You may have to consult a professional cleaner as to what cleaning products are best to use on your upholstery.

The next step of the process is removing all cushions from your furniture and vacuuming the surface of the upholstered furniture thoroughly. Make sure you use a high-power vacuum and an upholstery attachment for this task. Make sure you clean all the nooks and crannies too.

The vacuuming process removes most of the dirt and dust from your upholstery, the and dirt that is trapped deep into the fibers is still there. Obviously, you need to resort to more aggressive methods to clean your upholstery properly. Our recommendation is to use a homemade cleaning solution. A mixture of warm water and dish washing soap will do the trick.

Mix a quarter cup of biodegradable dishwashing soap and a cup of water into a large bowl. Beat the mixture with an electric mixer until it becomes a thick foam. Apply the foam on the upholstery using a paint brush. The foam will soften the fibers and lift up the dirt. Vacuum your upholstery one more time and then let it dry.

Some stains are really hard to remove so you may have to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service provider. If you reside in Clarksville, TN, look no further than Smart Clean. Call us at (901) 419-4235 for more details about our services and pricing.

When Booking a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Is a Must?

a woman clean houseThere are several types of stains that should be removed immediately after the carpet damage is caused. Any failure to get them instantly cleaned can help them get stuck into the fibers of your carpet fabric, and they may not come out that easily. If you want to learn more about the most common types of stains which may need a professional carpet cleaning service, read this post to its very end!

Here are the cases when you may need a deep steam/dry cleaning or a carpet restoration:

When pet urine stains have stayed so long that they are not only visible but also produce an unpleasant odor that is spreading around the entire house.

When you have spilled red/white wine and greasy food during a dinner with friends and had forgotten to clean it for a few days.

When your kids have found your mascara and lipstick and used them to paint a “piece of artwork” using your living room rug as a canvas, or when they used food to do the same. In most of the cases, the type of “food art” which we were called to clean was created with ketchup, mayo, or mustard.

When you have not cleaned a blood stain for half an hour and it soaked up entirely, leaving a red mark.

When your children, pets, or guests, entered your home with their shoes on when the weather outside was rainy. Mud, dirt, and fallen leaves can be easily transmitted on your hallway carpets because they are the areas with the highest traffic in your home. Even if you have several doormats or a runner over your carpets, in some cases, they won’t be able to save you from booking a deep carpet cleaning service.

Contractors performing carpet restoration services in Clarksville, TN work with either truck mounted or portable steam cleaning machines. If you do not live in a house or on any of the first 3 floors of an apartment building, you need to inform the cleaning team that you call that they can only use a portable steam cleaner. If you want to be sure that any of these stubborn stains will be removed in a quick and efficient manner, do not hesitate to contact Smart Clean at (901) 419-4235! We will send you a low-moisture carpet cleaning offer as well as some pictures from our portfolio in order to prove you how professional we are!

Why Book Our Dry Cleaning Service?

Vacuum cleaner

Welcome to the blog page of Smart Clean – a dry cleaner of top quality based in Clarksville, TN. Our team will take the opportunity that this is our first post to tell you a little bit more about who we are and why our dry cleaning service is better than the service of any other local contractor in the same business field.

With us, you can rely on only one service provider to give you everything your clothes need.

Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we are more than capable of taking care of your clothes.

Our team is dedicated to satisfying our customers with impeccable cleaning and a perfect attitude. All our technicians are experts who are qualified to manage the cleaning of your most valuable clothing. Trust our experienced staff, and receive the service you deserve.

Our company has been in the dry cleaning and wedding gown cleaning business long enough to gain the experience and knowledge needed for using the most efficient products and methods for washing and removing stains.

For us, preserving the fabric of your formal clothes is as important as achieving the perfect cleanliness.

We are fully trusted by our customers who have been using our dry cleaning service since they found us. They continue to count on our professionalism and expertise in this business.

We use cutting-edge equipment and cleaning products with which we provide the incomparable service you need. Our machines are managed properly and with attention to detail because we do train all of our staff members well before they start working at our dry cleaning shop. This guarantees the best service for you.

We also provide efficient dry cleaning and laundry services at reasonable prices. You can learn more about our special deals at (901) 419-4235. We currently run a special offer for wedding gown cleaning, and we offer discounts by referrals. We promise that your dress or suit will be returned in a perfect condition and nothing will show they have been used before.

If you are looking for a dry cleaner, do not hesitate to use our services. Our dry cleaner will do miracles with your clothes!

Why Is It Better to Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Service Provider Than Do the Job Myself?

orange glovesWindow cleaning is part of the office maintenance plan. Just like you clean your floors regularly, you should also wash your windows on a constant basis. However, window cleaning is not as easy as other office cleaning chores. In most cases, the work must be done from outside, and if your office is on the second floor or higher, then you have a problem. Luckily, there are many professional window cleaning service providers that can help you.

A professional window cleaner knows how to wash your exterior glass walls and windows in a quick and efficient manner. They often use special tools that allow them to do all the work from the ground. This means that they don’t have to climb ladders or do anything that can pose a risk to their health.

Another benefit of using a professional window cleaner is work quality. These people have skills and experience that help them achieve the best results in the shortest period of time possible. And although window cleaning is not rocket science, rest assured that a certain level of skill and knowledge is required.

So, if your commercial building is located in Clarksville, TN and you’re looking for a professional window cleaning service provider, then search no further than Smart Clean. Our phone is (901) 419-4235. Call us if you have any questions.

Why Every Business Owner Should Consider Hiring a Professional Floor Cleaning Service Provider

rose glovesAs a business owner or manager, you have the responsibility to make sure that all your clients and employees can enjoy a clean, neat, and tidy office. Although there are many aspects of office cleaning, some chores are simply more important than others. For instance, floor cleaning is one of the tasks that should be performed regularly and with the utmost attention to details. Here are several reasons why you should hire a professional floor cleaning service provider for the task.

A professionally-looking office space. Creating a good first impression is one of the most important aspects of a good business. You will be amazed how many people make major business decisions based on gut feeling and first impression. So, if you want to awe your potential customers, then start with making sure that they always enter a clean and tidy office.

Healthier environment. Dust, debris, and dirt are constantly tracked from outside onto your office floors. If not removed in a timely manner, these contaminants can cause serious health issues. Carpets are particularly dangerous in this respect as they can accumulate all sorts of contaminants which will eventually attract bacteria and germs.

If you want to have a clean and properly maintained office, then hire a professional floor cleaning service provider. Smart Clean is one of the most reliable and affordable contractors in Clarksville, TN. Call us at (901) 419-4235 for a free estimate.

What to Avoid When Shopping for a Professional Housekeeping Service Provider

a man clean houseComing across a true house cleaner is rare these days. If you really want to find the best cleaners out there, then you need to do your homework. Make no mistake, the market is tough. You will come across contractors who may try to trick you, scam you, and part you from your money. Your mission is to learn how to make the difference between a true housekeeping service provider and an unreliable contractor. Here are several mistakes to avoid when looking for cleaners.

Not checking references

References play a crucial role in the process of finding a contractor. When you speak with your potential cleaners, ask for references. If they hesitate to provide you with a list of references, then steer away from these contractors. But, even if they give you a list of references, make sure that you check those references yourself.

Not talking with the cleaners

Many cleaning housekeeping companies out there employ sales people who have many years of experience in the business. These individuals’ salaries are based on the number of contracts they sign. Obviously, their main goal is to sell you the service no matter what. But, the truth is they are not the ones that will clean your house. If you really want to get a fair impression of the company you’re about to hire, then speak with the cleaners themselves.

Smart Clean is a family-owned cleaning company in Clarksville, TN. We offer great services at the most affordable rates. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (901) 419-4235.

Several Factors to Consider When Searching for a Janitorial Cleaning Service Provider

wall cleaningFinding a good commercial cleaning these days is not easy, There are many companies out there, but not all of them are as reliable as they say they are. In most cases, if you want to be sure that you will make the right decision, then you have to put a lot of effort into doing some proper research. Here are several key factors to consider when shopping for janitorial cleaning service providers.

Reputation. Since you’ll be handing the keys to your business to a bunch of strangers, it is crucial that you make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. There are several ways you can do that. However, the most efficient method is to check the Better Business Bureau for unresolved complaints. Additionally, consider checking online reviews, testimonials, and comments.

Experience. It is extremely important that the company you hire has at least five years of experience in the business. Most start-up businesses fail after the third year. So, if a company manages to stay in the business, especially in this market, then they are definitely offering quality services.

Smart Clean is a professional and reliable cleaning company. We offer the best janitorial cleaning service in Clarksville, TN. So, if you are interested in our services, don’t hesitate to call us at (901) 419-4235 for more details.

What Are the Different Types of Upholstery Cleaning Service Products?

87806623Several upholstery cleaning service products are wet solutions, which are dispensed using a spray directly on the upholstery. These solutions normally have soap and degreasers which loosen up and remove dirt and oils out. Similar solutions are available to use with the cleaning equipment. These are normally poured into a reservoir inside a machine. Other kinds of cleaning products are dry cleaning and foam solvents, both are normally sprayed on, then they are allowed to dry and simply brushed off from the furniture.

Upholstery cleaning appliances are usually quite expensive to buy, which is why many people decide to call a professional for the task or rent the equipment. The machines can be rented from home improvement and hardware stores. Most of the manufacturers sell their own brand of cleaning products which are specifically designed for their equipment. Sometimes, renting this equipment could require the purchase of these cleaning products as well.

Machines usually work by combining a cleaning product with steam. The heat the steam produced will loosen dirt and oil. Once a piece of furniture is coated with a cleaning product, a vacuum attachment is then used over the surface. Generally, the vacuum will suck up any loosened soil and excess water. However, the upholstery will be still slightly damp, but the vacuuming process will increase the drying time needed.

In most cases cleaning can be reduced by ensuring all spills and stains are cleaned up as soon as they happen. The longer a stain is permitted to sit on the fabric, the harder it will be to remove. Sometimes fresh stains are removed by simply blotting the affected area using soapy water and towels.

Some cleaning solutions contain what are thought to be carcinogenic or hazardous chemical additives. One of which is a chemical known as perchloroethylene, which could affect a person’s nervous system. Another additive referred to as naphthalene could be poisonous if inhaled. Individuals using cleaners that contain either of these should make sure that the room is ventilated and must use a mask while dispensing the product. If you don’t want to take any risks by using such products, make sure you get in touch with a company offering upholstery cleaning service!

Call Smart Clean based in Clarksville, TN.

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Get Help From a Marble Cleaner

147040430If you have a marble floor at home, today, we will share with you some tips and tricks on how to deep clean and polish marble. However, if you need professional help, you can always contact a marble contractor and obtain professional results.

Before polishing, make sure the floor is perfectly clean. Make sure there are no sharp objects touching directly the marble flooring, use mats and coasters to protect it from glass and appliances.
Clean the marble floor regularly because it gets stained very quickly; especially if the liquid sits on the floor for a long time, it is very difficult to remove it afterward.

The best way of marble cleaning is using a damp cloth and a bucket with hot water; you don’t have to scrub, just run the cloth over the surface making circular motions and the spot will come away.
With a second clean cloth, dry the surface; if you leave the surface wet, it can leave stains.

When it comes to marble polishing, first determine whether it is natural or cultured marble; if you are not sure, then better call a marble contractor and let them do the polishing — you will be surprised with the final results.

However, if you are determined to do it yourself, you will need the following things: water, cleaning cloths, a brush, vinegar, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, paper towels and plastic wrap. To obtain better results, you can always purchase commercial marble polish, carnauba car wash, and some other products you can easily find in your convenience store.


If you are looking for a reliable marble cleaning service, you have come to the right place. Smart Clean offers the best services in Clarksville, TN. Call us now for a free estimate (901) 419-4235.

Health Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

145921537Have you neglected the upholstered furniture in your residence or office? Has it started to look dull, old, and dirty? If that is the case, it is definitely time to do something about it. If you want to make sure that you will live and work in a healthy environment, it is crucial to properly maintain your carpeting and upholstery in order to keep them clean.

Keep in mind that upholstery tends to collect a substantial amount of allergens, germs, and dust that get in the air you and your family members breathe. Therefore, regular professional upholstery cleaning service is an important thing that property owners should never postpone or ignore. Keeping you upholstery clean offers a number of health benefits.

If you and your children are constantly exposed to and breathe in such filthy elements, the health risks of developing allergies or suffering from breathing issues increase with each day passing. What is more, if a member of your household already suffers from such conditions, dirty upholstery can aggravate their symptoms.

Knowing the right kind of cleaning equipment, methods, and products is also very important, and if you are not quite sure how clean your upholstery efficiently, consulting with a qualified and skilled cleaner is recommended. You can easily avoid those health issues by cleaning your furniture and carpets on a regular basis so that the filth and dust do not collect over time.

Some people have the knowledge, time, and motivation to do it by themselves, but others cannot afford the time to complete that task regularly. This is understandable if you have a career to build and kids to look after. Don’t despair! All you have to do is contact a professional upholstery cleaning service provider to set up an appointment. They always know exactly what to do so that you can enjoy a perfectly comfortable, healthy, and clean environment at your home. You can count on Smart Clean for the finest service throughout the Clarksville, TN area.

How to Make Your Own Carpet Cleaner

178728971If you love your rugs, you strive to take the best care of them. You may want to entrust this responsible task to a professional carpet cleaning service or do it yourself. You will surely benefit from knowing a few smart carpet maintenance tips that we gave in our previous article. You will further need the right equipment and products, such as a good carpet cleaner. Before you buy a new one, be aware that there are numerous ways to make one with products that you keep at home. Apart from the fact that this can save you money, it will help reduce the overall waste.

Here are some of the conventional ways of making a cleaning solution with commercial products. Start with liquid dish detergent that everyone has at home, and mix it with warm water. If you don’t have one some reason, you can use an all purpose household cleaner with some fabric softener and ammonia added to it. Another method is mixing a laundry detergent with plenty of water in order to prevent foaming. Put it in a vacuum cleaner for the best cleaning results. You can also use another type of powdered detergent and ammonia with the same method. If you have some window cleaner left after your last window cleaning, you can use this mixed with water (equal parts).

In case you are keen on using green methods, you can further make you homemade cleaning solution with as simple natural and household ingredients as baking soda and vinegar. Not only will that be the most cost effective method but, what is more important, it will protect you from the hazardous chemicals in the commercial products. Cleaning of spots, for example, can be efficiently done with a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water.You can also try the dry cleaning method, by sprinkling baking soda mixed with coarse grain flour on the carpet, leaving it there for the night, and sweeping and vacuuming it on the next day.


If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaner in Clarksville, TN, call Smart Clean now at (901) 419-4235!

Tips and Tricks on Window Cleaning

How a Window Cleaning Service Can Help You

158392501Window cleaning is a very important part of your home cleaning, but we all know it takes some time, money, and effort to keep your windows clean all year long. For that reason, we will give you some window cleaning tips and tricks. However, you can always call a professional window cleaning service to do the job for you.

The good news is that there are different formulae for making your window cleaning solution, depending on how dirty the windows are. If they are very dirty, mix in a bucket liquid soap with white vinegar and warm water and clean the windows with a soft sponge. Do not let the solution dry on the window, or it will leave stain. Remove the soap from the windows with a cloth and clean water, make sure you clean the cloth well after every use. The last step is drying the window with a microfiber cloth, and you are ready to admire the professional results.

Once the window is cleaned, run the cleaning cloth along the wet surface to dry the drips left behind; finish the window cleaning by polishing the sill with a clean dry cloth. If you use this method, we assure you will have professional results, so make sure you clean your windows regularly. Remember that you must maintain your windows regularly; if you don’t have enough free time, or your prefer to use it for something else, you can always hire a reliable window cleaning service; they will deliver professional results.


If you are looking for a reliable window cleaning service in Clarksville, TN, we are just what you are looking for! Smart Clean is a highly professional company, so feel free to call us at (901) 419-4235.

Carpet Maintenance Explained by a Reputable Carpet Cleaning Service

96878368Carpets bring beauty, coziness, and comfort in a home. Some of them can be very expensive, and others can be very tough to clean. Luckily, this unpleasant task can be done by a professional carpet cleaning service. Not only will the specialists provide you with high quality and thorough cleaning service, but this will also spare you much time and effort. However, whatever you choose, personally done or professional cleaning, you should try to keep your carpets as clean as possible. If regularly take care of them, the cleaning will become easier.

So, here are some of the steps that you can take in this direction. The first essential thing that you can do is sweeping or vacuuming your rugs in order to remove the dust and dirt that they tend to collect. This way, you will get rid of all the pathogens and health hazards as well as the unpleasant odor. While it is recommended to do professional cleaning annually, domestic cleaning should take place every week. You can further prevent outside dirt from coming in, by brushing your shoes before getting into the house or better, by taking them off at the door as is the tradition in some cultures.

Another rule of thumb to follow is to always treat spills and stains immediately. Not only will this remove the dirt and the potential odor but it will also make the task easier and prevent the spot from becoming more resistant to cleaning. The older the dirt, the harder its treatment becomes, which can further lead to risk of damaging the carpet. It is also recommended to follow the maintenance recommendations provided by the manufacturer. However, if you are reluctant invest any efforts or your carpet needs a deeper cleaning, you can always call a professional.


If you are looking for a high quality carpet cleaning service in Clarksville, TN, call Smart Clean now at (901) 419-4235!

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Needed Whenever You Have to Freshen Up Your Waiting Room Furniture

154048911If you have a waiting room in your office and the furniture there is upholstered, you will need regular professional cleaning services to get all the dirt and dust extracted from it. Why professional commercial cleaning? Because vacuuming will not be enough to remove the entire amount of bacteria brought in by the hundreds of individuals that have entered the waiting room.

Upholstery cleaning projects involve maintenance of the floor coverings, furnishings, and all upholstered items within your waiting room or in the entire office building (depending on the type of cleaning which you need). It normally has to be done once a month, but if you have excessive traffic on a daily basis, you can do it even more often. It is a good idea to consult a specialist and make a cleaning schedule to reflect the amount of visitors and customers which spend a lot of time there on a daily basis.

For the best carpet and rug cleaning contractor in the area, contact Smart Clean. We are the most dependable upholstery cleaning company in the Clarksville, TN region which has been serving the local community for many years now and has a great reputation for offering affordable pricing as well as quality commercial cleaning services.

Why Book the Janitorial Floor Cleaning Services of Our Company?

158588496If you are still looking for the perfect office cleaning contractor that you can hire for a janitorial floor cleaning Service, then you should definitely read this post. It will list some of the advantages of booking a regular commercial cleaning with Smart Clean, so we hope that you will make up your mind about becoming one of our valued customers.

We are a Clarksville, TN based janitorial contractor that provides the leading cleaning services in the area. Whether your office or home are in need of an urgent clean up, our cleaning professional will take care of it. Our experienced professionals do not make compromises when it comes to quality, which is the main reason why people continue to benefit from our cleaning services. Another benefit is that we use only environmentally-friendly floor cleaning solutions while sanitizing your office. We do this to give you the peace of mind that your employees will stay healthy and be more productive.

We are not just an average janitorial contractor. Our cleaning team offers fast, top quality janitorial floor cleaning with guaranteed results and green detergents. Before providing you with any commercial cleaning, our specialists will properly evaluate the area in order to perform the service with optimum efficiency. All products and materials used in every cleaning service are top grade, so you can be sure that the cleaning results delivered will be of superior quality.

Our service comes at budget-friendly and affordable rates. If you wish to receive additional information about our special deals in December, call (901) 419-4235 or fill in our contact form. We are looking forward to making your office a spotless place where you and your employees can productively work! Call us now, and we will also provide you with some referrals from local companies that we have already earned as our return customers!

How to Maintain Your Carpets and Flooring

Tips from a Janitorial Cleaning Service Provider

Maid Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

Maid Cleaning Carpet With Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a home or office with wall-to-wall carpeting or just a couple of rugs laying around, then this article should help you learn a thing or two about carpet cleaning and maintenance. There are different procedures of maintenance and cleaning. That depends on the type of carpet and the material that it’s made of. This is especially important when treating stains and spots because they react differently to the various cleaning agents.

  • Woolen carpets, for example, need a little vacuum cleaning every once in a while. If you want to clean them thoroughly, you should call a professional or take the carpet to a specialist. Woolen carpet cleaning can be pretty hard because the material is incredibly water-absorbent. It can take in a lot of water and make your job very hard. If stained, don’t wash or rub. Blot the moisture, then vacuum the area. If the stain persists, treat it with a mild cleaning agent, blot it up, then dry it again.
  • Sea-weed and sisal carpets are also natural fiber carpets, but they don’t require much cleaning. All you need to do is vacuum clean them regularly. They are pretty stain resistant and durable.
  • Nylon carpets can also be maintained with frequent vacuuming, however, you can also wash them. Just be careful not to use bleach or any other corrosive or discoloring agents. Otherwise, you risk damaging your carpet. They are prone to discoloration, so be careful what you use on them. If you have problems with that, just call a janitorial cleaning service provider.
  • Polyester rugs and carpets are pretty similar to nylon ones. However, polyester has one weakness that nylon doesn’t have. It’s vulnerable to oil-based stains. They cause a lot of damage because they stick directly to the fibers and bind with the material on a chemical level. Otherwise, polyester is very durable and resistant to discoloration. So, you can clean it almost any way you want.


If you ever need the help of a local janitorial cleaning service provider, simply give Smart Clean of Clarksville, TN a call! We are available for appointments at (901) 419-4235!

Advantages of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company to Take Care of Your Office or Other Workplace.

C_R_service_2If you have a small business that is growing but you are not certain if you are ready to pay for cleaning services, then this is the article for you. Naturally, all businesses start small. Their customers grow in number, and their profits become bigger. As they grow, the maintenance becomes harder and increasingly difficult. So, instead of keeping their office or work area clean on their own, a lot of companies choose to hire a commercial cleaning company for the job. Here are some of the services that a janitorial company can do for you along with some of the benefits of calling them:

  • When you make a lot of money and have a lot of work, you can’t spend a minute of your time to take care of your office. Your time becomes too valuable and it becomes more affordable to call a commercial cleaning company for assistance. This can help you save a lot of time, which you can use to make even more money or just relax and take a break.
  • Besides, saving you time and efforts, calling a professional ensures that your work area will be clean at all times. That includes floors, walls, appliances, furniture, bathroom areas, and anything else you may ask them to clean and maintain. The best thing is they will do a good job at it. So, you won’t have to worry about getting dirty or contracting any diseases at work.
  • Also, with a janitor on the job, your office will be a lot more comfortable and pleasant to work in. It will look more presentable and professional as well. So, if looks and appearance are important for making a good impression on your customers and business partners, then hire a cleaning service provider, and solve all of your problems.

All in all, calling a professional commercial cleaning company guarantees to improve the working conditions in your workplace significantly. If you are not sure whether this is the solution for your company or not, then why not give us a call? We can help you decide.

Just call Smart Clean of Clarksville, TN at (901) 419-4235!

How to Find the Right Cleaning Service Provider

Smart Clean is a renowned company that has been providing its clients with outstanding quality for many years. We know that finding a capable residential cleaning service provider is not always a simple task, which is why we have prepared this article. Here, you will find a 3-step guide that will help you find the company you need.


Step 1

You should begin by establishing a comparison base for your research. A simple way to accomplish that is making a list of the qualities that you think to be most important for a professional house cleaning service provider. Do not forget to add vital factors, such as quality of the products used, experience, qualification, and equipment! When you are ready, proceed with the second step!

Step 2

You will have to find companies that provide their services in your area. To do that, use the Internet and do a quick search. You will find all the information you need, you will also be able to read testimonials from previous clients of the different companies. Based on the information that you have, choose several cleaning service companies that you find most credible, and write down their contact information!

Step 3

Now, you will have to choose one of the residential cleaning service cleaning companies on your shortlist. A simple way to do that is by contacting them one by one and asking questions regarding their services and pricing. Based on the impressions that you get, you should be able to select the company that can meet your requirements.

If you need a professional cleaning service in Clarksville, TN, turn to us! We are a company that is dedicated to meeting the requirements of its customers, and you will not be an exception. Make sure you will turn to the right people, and call us at (901) 419-4235 to find out more!

Get Help from a Professional Tile Cleaning Service

If you have ceramic tiles at home, in this blog post, we will explain to you what the best methods are to keep your tiles in perfect condition. Keep in mind that you can always contact a tile cleaning service to do the job for you.

86534858Ceramic tiles make your floor look very elegant and at the same time, they are very easy to maintain, for regular cleaning, just sweep them with a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner. Dirt adheres easily to the surface, specially to tiles with textured surface; regular sweeping removes most dirt. Once you have swept the surface, mop it using a manufacturer-recommended special grout and tile cleaning detergent. To clean stubborn dirt, use a damp sponge and the same tile cleaning detergent.

If the tiles we need to clean are very dirty, then use a mild scrubbing sponge or a soft brush. First, apply a mild detergent while scrubbing, and rinse thoroughly with clean water. If necessary, wipe the tile with a dry towel to remove any soap residue. If you don’t have special tile cleaning products at home, you can always use an all-purpose cleaner or even liquid soap. For large surfaces, we recommend you contact a tile cleaning service, for professional results.

Here are some ceramic tile cleaning dos and don’ts — do remember that ceramic tile is very durable, but it is not indestructible, so be careful when cleaning if you don’t want to end up with a crack or chip in your tile. Don’t use bleach or ammonia to clean your ceramic tile, these products can discolor your grout if you use them frequently. Do clean up a spill as quickly as possible to avoid getting your grout stained. Remember, you can always contact a professional tile cleaning service to help you with the cleaning.


If you are looking for a reliable tile cleaning service, you have come to the right place! Smart Clean offers the best service in Clarksville, TN. Call now for a free estimate — (901) 419-4235!

Get a Perfect Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you can’t stand the smell of bleach or other harsh chemical products to clean grout, here we will tell you an efficient method to clean in deep your tiles by using soft cleaning products you will find at home. You can always choose a tile & grout cleaning professional to do the job for you and forget about the problem.

157077100The first thing you need to do is clean the tiled area, remove any excess debris and dirt before attacking the grout. With warm water, remove soap excess, and then dry the area with a soft cloth. Use an empty sprayer to combine half a part of white vinegar and water, spray directly on the grout and scrub with a damp sponge. Before wiping away the mix, let it sit for a little while. Vinegar is a very effective cleaner, it leaves no stains, and you can always find it at home. Keep in mind that a professional carpet cleaning company also offers grout & tile cleaning, so ask your reliable company for this service, and you will be surprised with the results.

In a bowl add salt or baking soda in addition to the white vinegar until you create a thick paste. Apply the compound directly to the grout, allow it to sit for up to 15 minutes. After that, scrub it well and see the result. In case the tile & grout cleaning method is still not working, use oxygen bleach for deep cleaning. Apply the following method if everything else didn’t work. Create a thick paste mixing water or soda with the oxygen bleach and apply it directly on grout. Wait 15 minutes, and then scrub the area, wipe the paste away with a cloth and check the result.


If you are looking for a reliable tile & grout cleaning service, you came to the right place! Smart Clean offers some of the best services in Clarksville, TN. So, call us now for a free estimate at (901) 419-4235.

Benefits of Office Cleaning Service

Copy of 96666738One thing customers take for granted when they enter a business, restaurant, office or storefront is to see a clean place. We will not imagine an office dirty and cluttered; however, anyone who has to manage a business knows how much effort and time goes to meet this expectation.

However, keeping the office clean is not something the an owner or a manager should be doing, if you want to keep the working space clean and tidy, it is always better to contact a professional office cleaning service.

First of all, the customers first impression is very important, it may not last forever, but it certainly leaves quite a mark on the first impressions. The thought goes like this “If this business is not even able to keep the office clean, then how are they going to be able to take care of my needs?” We all know that a dirty office gives very bad impression, and in some cases, customers can share their opinion with friends and family, giving you a very bad reputation.

The best way of preventing health issues is by contacting an office cleaning service. Dust can easily accumulate in a workplace, employees who suffer from allergies or breathing problems can serious health issues. So, it is better prevent dust from appearing by hiring a professional cleaner. It is wiser to make sure such health problems don’t happen, and you, as a business owner, should be doing everything you can to solve them.

A study shows that employees work better in a clean atmosphere, but just like their managers, cleaning is not one of their top priorities. Better hire someone to make sure their workplace is kept clean and tidy, so when they see that everything is clean, they will be motivated to harder and keep their working area as clean as possible.


If you are looking for a reliable office cleaning company, you came to the right place! Smart Clean offers some of the best services in Clarksville, TN.

Call now for a free estimate at (901) 419-4235.

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