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178728971If you love your rugs, you strive to take the best care of them. You may want to entrust this responsible task to a professional carpet cleaning service or do it yourself. You will surely benefit from knowing a few smart carpet maintenance tips that we gave in our previous article. You will further need the right equipment and products, such as a good carpet cleaner. Before you buy a new one, be aware that there are numerous ways to make one with products that you keep at home. Apart from the fact that this can save you money, it will help reduce the overall waste.

Here are some of the conventional ways of making a cleaning solution with commercial products. Start with liquid dish detergent that everyone has at home, and mix it with warm water. If you don’t have one some reason, you can use an all purpose household cleaner with some fabric softener and ammonia added to it. Another method is mixing a laundry detergent with plenty of water in order to prevent foaming. Put it in a vacuum cleaner for the best cleaning results. You can also use another type of powdered detergent and ammonia with the same method. If you have some window cleaner left after your last window cleaning, you can use this mixed with water (equal parts).

In case you are keen on using green methods, you can further make you homemade cleaning solution with as simple natural and household ingredients as baking soda and vinegar. Not only will that be the most cost effective method but, what is more important, it will protect you from the hazardous chemicals in the commercial products. Cleaning of spots, for example, can be efficiently done with a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water.You can also try the dry cleaning method, by sprinkling baking soda mixed with coarse grain flour on the carpet, leaving it there for the night, and sweeping and vacuuming it on the next day.


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