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cleaning stuffCleaning one’s house can be a dirty business. If you are the same as the average household, keeping on top of family responsibilities, work, and other duties does mean cleaning your home correctly can be somewhat of a challenge, and one you would sooner avoid if possible. Numerous cleaning services have sprung up worldwide, ready and willing to perform the cleaning work for you. However, due to this fact, knowing how to hire one to clean your house does sometimes feel like an impossible task, however, using a few simple rules, and having a firm understanding of what you need to expect, you will be able to choose the best cleaner.

Firstly, decide what parts of your home need cleaning, before choosing a service. For instance, will there be any rooms which are off limits, or certain areas which are more important for the cleaning service to focus upon? Are you looking for them to clean the windows, and do the laundry also, or just basic cleaning, like dusting and mopping the floors? Once you understand what you are looking for, you will then be able to create a list of requirements in order to narrow down possible candidates because some companies will not provide a complete range of services.

Speak to family members, friends, or colleagues for their recommendations. Most  clients are only to happy to share their positive experiences with you and could even be eligible for a bonus from the company if you decide to use their service.

Get rid of any companies that are not insured or bonded. This is because if any accidents occur during cleaning or theft, a bonded and insured cleaning service takes full  responsibility. If you hire a cleaner that does not carry these, the responsibility will solely be on you.

Contact all potential candidates to see if their cleaners are legal and what kind of background checks are performed. Ensure the cleaners are responsible, and do not have a criminal record. If they aren’t, move onto the next potential candidate.

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